Sunday, 31 July 2016

1/23 Bandemer Grenadiers

Small Combined Grenadier Battalion completed.
The Von Focade side will need to be added.

May add a command stand in future (without flags as I am semi historical...*)
These were originally part of an imaginations army I painted in April for an Ayton big game and Ive just repainted them.
In that battle they were charged in the rear and fled without causing a single casualty.
I'm sure they will do better in the next game as sturdy Prussians...


Figures - Wargames Foundry
Colours - Vallejo Imperial Blue, Blood Red, Cavalry Brown, Gunmetal, Brass, 
Dead White, Ghost Grey, Stone Grey, Dwarf Skin, Umber and Black Washes 
Bases - 45 x 40

* A lot of people have referred to me as a bit of a semi.


  1. They'll work better as Prussians, now, what about the guns?

  2. Attention - this is a test.


    Thankyou - that is all.

  3. Excellent - will you use them to refight the Battle of Mingen ?

    1. Goat - I believe you've just come up with the perfect name for our coming battle...
      The hussars are being prepped...