Sunday, 31 July 2016

Generic Introductionary Post 23,938

Another blog.  Another blog posting pictures of Historical miniatures and wargames.  This will be accompanied by frequent tangents, the odd pause whilst life, work and video gaming roll by and definitely a seemingly endless mass of puerile comments, puns and idling.

Battle reports will catalogue both my tactical idiocy and terrible, terrible, terrible luck with dice. These battles will contain ubiquitous terrain and scenarios but will be broken up by bright colours and jokes about cress.  The blog will also annually record a massed gathering of reprobates in the north Yorkshire area.  Sorry in advance for them...

Current project is 28mm SYW...
But obviously in wargamer slang that means (And 28mm Chain of Command WW2, ACW, Lion Rampant and 1/1200 Naval...)

I like Diet Coke and I have a dog with chronic flatulence.


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