Monday, 30 January 2017

17/22 Puttkamer Grenadiers

A converged battalion of Grenadiers from the Manteuffel and Moritz battalions.
Really the Manteuffel's should have braiding across there lapels but I thought the White was so striking that I'd leave them out.  I'll do it on their Musketeer Regiment and all will be forgiven.

Awaiting Tufts and Pufts.

I will be bringing my Grenadier battalions up to 30 when I've cleared the current leadpile.  I'll add a middle figure base with an officer and a couple of pontoon wielders.

These are a little rough but have been painted in between several thousand night shifts and on a rubbish painting lamp.  Not as neat as I usually like but worthy of battle and OK from a distance of 8 feet!

The blue appears lighter in the photos because of the light but I have experimented with really black washing the Prussian Blue down and doing a tiny minimal highlight.  Prussian Coats were varied colours from battalion to battalion as from what I've read, Frederick wasn't to fussy and liked Uniforms on the cheap, so I'm quite happy with variations throughout my army.

More Command vignettes next.

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