Wednesday, 22 February 2017

General of Freikorps

Another diversion from proper troops!
This gruff looking General will be in charge of my Freikorp and Garrison regiments.

To his flank, a  Hussar from Regiment Number 4 has lost his mount but pauses to consider letting off a round at the enemy ahead.*

You can't see them properly because of the angles but there is two puddles being splashed through by both figures.  Annoyingly my varnish for the water has dried up** so will have to wait until I embark on my river project...

*Not that my Freikorps ever seem to point at the enemy past turn 1.
**I only used it errrr 3 years ago...

Sunday, 12 February 2017

King Frederick II

Well I couldn't resist doing Der Alte Fritz.  He's obviously in one of his moods as he looks with disdain at a Seydlitz Hussar who thrusts a dispatch his way.  A Flugeladjutanten of Cavalry rides at his flank.

Originally this was going to be a bigger stand with a troop of escorting Dragoons and some battlefield splatter - but somewhere along the line I decided to make it smaller, more gamey and that with my tiny collection and painting ability I should be less precious!  In 30 years when I have an army, he could always slot in to a bigger scenic diorama.

All figures by Wargames Foundry.  
The Hussar originally had a sword which I whipped off, drilled out and put a sausage in.  The pose is probaly a little dramatic but we could just perhaps imagine that the contents of the dispatch is of high importance... 

'Fritz come quick, ze Soup is ready.'

Sunday, 5 February 2017

General von Perpl

Every army needs a figure representing you.
Well this one looks nothing like me but I am to pretty to be shrunk down to 28mm.
And I don't tend to hang about the house in a powdered wig.  Though I'd like to.
Girlfriend won't let me. :-(

The monument? A dice with a 1 pip on it.  Sums my Generalship up perfectly.  The infantryman puts his head in his hands in hopelessness as a following crow waits patiently for the inevitable meal left by my charges.
Mmm, Hussars.  Delicious.

As usual, apologies for my awful pictures.  Come the Spring, lets hope a light falls on this land.
I feel like I'm living in Mordor.

Some light!  Pressed up against the window on the Wargames Room , confusing the neighbours.