Sunday, 5 February 2017

General von Perpl

Every army needs a figure representing you.
Well this one looks nothing like me but I am to pretty to be shrunk down to 28mm.
And I don't tend to hang about the house in a powdered wig.  Though I'd like to.
Girlfriend won't let me. :-(

The monument? A dice with a 1 pip on it.  Sums my Generalship up perfectly.  The infantryman puts his head in his hands in hopelessness as a following crow waits patiently for the inevitable meal left by my charges.
Mmm, Hussars.  Delicious.

As usual, apologies for my awful pictures.  Come the Spring, lets hope a light falls on this land.
I feel like I'm living in Mordor.

Some light!  Pressed up against the window on the Wargames Room , confusing the neighbours.


  1. Superb!!! The vignette is wonderfully composed and painted.Your best yet and there's been lots of SYW goodness already

    1. Thanks Goat! Think you are right, he is rather fun.