Sunday, 12 February 2017

King Frederick II

Well I couldn't resist doing Der Alte Fritz.  He's obviously in one of his moods as he looks with disdain at a Seydlitz Hussar who thrusts a dispatch his way.  A Flugeladjutanten of Cavalry rides at his flank.

Originally this was going to be a bigger stand with a troop of escorting Dragoons and some battlefield splatter - but somewhere along the line I decided to make it smaller, more gamey and that with my tiny collection and painting ability I should be less precious!  In 30 years when I have an army, he could always slot in to a bigger scenic diorama.

All figures by Wargames Foundry.  
The Hussar originally had a sword which I whipped off, drilled out and put a sausage in.  The pose is probaly a little dramatic but we could just perhaps imagine that the contents of the dispatch is of high importance... 

'Fritz come quick, ze Soup is ready.'


  1. Awesome job, this vignette is splendid, fabulous colors and details...

    1. Thanks Phil! It's a bit gaudy but I'm pleased with it