Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Loose Ass Summer 2017 Day One

The Battle of Flanqueney

July 15th 2017

Medetian Troops cross the Wheat field.

The Loose Association Gamers met up for another weekend of Eighteenth Century loveliness.  A fictional scenario saw French, Prussian, British and a myriad of Imagination troops fighting for control of a bridge and two settlements over a thirty foot table.

Table from the West edge.  16 units of cavalry face each other across the west plain.  The Inn of Die Schmiede sits before the Muffe Hills whose scrub finishes at the fast flowing River Wanque.  The giant Wheatfield begins a course of gentle farmland that culminates in a large farm.

The usual thousands of figures were brought into the lines of fantastic standard from all involved, using figures from most, if not all manufacturers available.  LT brought a 15 foot fur to join my 15 feet of newly towelled boards and then bush and bits from all brought the table to life.

The peaceful East flank.

The Wanque Bridge.  Where many a romance blooms.

Assault on the farm begins.

On the tabletop, Gary, Dave, Jeremy and Goat Major fielded 45 Infantry battalions, 23 Cavalry Squadrons and 12 Artillery Batteries.
John, Buff, EB and my own  took 34 Infantry, 17 Horse and 11 Guns.  Although a smaller force there was a slight terrain advantage but lost initiative rolls, dithering commanders and double moves nullified alot of that.
Approximately 3000 figures fought across the table, a small affair for us... At least half of these were likely casualty as the battle in the Wanque valley came to a close.

Always worth a try.

The victory points for the game was 10 for the side holding the bridge and 5 each for both the Inn and the farm.  1 point was given for every enemy unit routed off the table and 2 points for each  destroyed. An extra point was given for killing an enemy commander, which happened quite alot!
Needless to say it was very close...
The Bad Guys on the Northern edge scored 81
The outnumbered Good Guys scored 31

The Honour Roll

The despicable Medetian Dave 30
The monstrous and foul C&C - Gary 27
The Villainous Goat 11
The Deplorable Jeremy 13

The honourable C&C - Levied Troop 6
The majestic Essex Boy 5
The pure and chaste Purp 12
The righteous Buff 8
Sadly the bad guys captured every objective and decimated their opponents army.  It was a bit of a trouncing but threw up lots of fun, tactical play and momentous occasions.

I had an awesome time and many thanks for everyone making the trip and bringing their fantastic figures.  We will do again!

The British advance on the Grande Muffe.

The Bloody Wheatfield.

The Cavalry Battle on the West Plain.

The Flanqueney Bridge claimed by troops run by this man...

The French advance along the Minor Muffe Ridge

Medetians with a foothold in the Wheatfield beat off repeated cavalry attacks amongst the crop.

The good side has nothing left to attack the well held centre.
Thinks are not looking good for the Good's left flank.
Pickled's last stand.


  1. Great looking game - love the cows!

  2. Thanks! The cows are GoatMajors and have seen many battlefields over many centuries! I'm only responsible for anything goose based!