Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Loose Ass Summer 2017 Day Two

Battle of Feuchtehinter

July 16th 2017

Day Two of the Summer weekend game saw six of us fight, each armed with 6 Infantry battalions, 3 cavalry units and 2 guns on a 15 foot table.  This felt a really nice game size with Honours of War and the battle flowed back and forth, with results going either way at times.  In the end, the bad guys won again, crushing our centre and the left flank I held.  Another great day had with the LA guys which has topped me right up with enthusiasm.  So much so, I just bought my next two battalions to paint!   

Deployment.  Bad guys on the left, noble good on the right.

My Prussians move forward on the left flank but come under harrowing fire from a large gun battery on the hill and some skirmishers in the gully.

Gunners offer support to their cavalry as the massed squadrons of the enemy draw close.

Worried about a gap, my Grenadiers march to the centre..

The Cavalry Battle.  I lost.

Another Bloody Wheatfield.

Redeployment to the centre.  To late to be of help.

Unfortunate Crotch Shot 128

Combat that finished the Left.  My Prussian unit killed its British charger but retreated in the protest causing the Poor quality troops behind to run also.

Buffs artillery smashes into the flank of the cavalry and wipes them out as he holds grimly onto the hill.

Goat and Gary appear to be actually considering tactics.  Outrageous.

The Bad guys right has now flanked the line and things look grim.

Can't wait for the next one!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil. Many, many towels were sacrificed!
      Weight is however an issue.... will most definitely be using foam in the future.

  2. Very nice indeed. Love the terrain boards and excellently painted figures.

    1. Thanks Carlo! The figures are all from various collections of talented painters from forum. The towels are all desecrated with green paint by me over a period of time greater than I ever could have imagined lol

  3. Wow this us stunning Purp!!!

    1. Thanks Paul!
      A good chunk of it was painted/built whilst watching your brilliant YouTube videos! The circle of wargaming lol