Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Photobucket ate my homework

Obligatory Photobucket drama post

All gone forever into the abyss. 
Luckily I have only  a small blog or re-uploading could have been a monumental rectal breach. 
One day I'll get around to going through those old posts with new pictures.  I just have another Prussian unit to do first.  And some Russians.  And some Cavalry.  And some more Russian Infantry. And some more...

Deaths Head Hussars outraged by the Photobucket meltdown go charging around
dashingly  looking for something to stab and poke.  They will immediately run away. 

"We have the best moustaches this side of the army!
 Where is our photo coverage?!"
My painting goes through a vigorous Quality Control process. 

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  1. Most impressive hussars, they look splendid and so motivated!