Sunday, 31 December 2017

End of year Black Powder

Agghh a Blog Post! It's only been 18 years!
I attended Goat Major's fine Wargame Room so that my Prussian's could air there fine moustaches and meet local 28mm Cows for Dinner and maybe more... 
Grenadiers Mooo'vin on up.  Nothing can stop them... (Except Croats)

Turn 1 and GM's Russian/Austrian/Sepoy forces start columns forward... In Black Powder terms thats an 18 mile move range....

 With us both forgetting how far move distances could be if you roll well in BP, GMs right flank advanced almost the entire width of the table to pen in my Hussars and spent the next few turns firing them and making them unhappy.  His left flank stalled when my right flank moved up and he had to rapidly get in line.  His light troops moved through the left wood to be annoying and unsporting.

I promise to attach your flags some day!  Then maybe you'll repay me with not running away every game.  Bye then!  See you next game!

Fire spat between the battle lines and made little effect except a few disordered units.  I decided to charge my flagless left flank Prussian infantry unit at GMs oncoming right flank attack.  These promptly ran away as they do each game.  Then the following happened...

PURP: Neither of us have rolled a blunder yet.
GM: Yeah that will be you with those poor cavalry in the corner.
As saying this, GM immediately rolls a blunder on his centre infantry unit...  
He then rolls a 6 and it goes crashing into the hard as nails moustache smuggling Fresh Prussian Grenadier unit I have just moved up.  They are immediately destroyed and suddenly there is a big hole in GMs centre...

Prussian Counter Attack.  And its successful!!! What!

General Whoopsie.
 Then GMs dice appeared to turn Purple and he promptly failed numerous order tests which  meant I could carry on my push against his white coated troops.  General Whoopsie on the right flank failed at least three turns in a row...

The 007 Hussars.  Repeatedly shaken and never stirred from there deployment position.

I had leant one of my newly painted Russian battalions to GM and annoyingly it was hugely effective and repeatedly stopped attacks on the right flank.  I finally got rid of it after a push forward left it open to enfilade.  Then my left flank cavalry finally moved forward, seeing GMs right flank Sepoys struggling, they charged in, survived the closing fire but still couldn't shift them!  After three turns of draws they finally ran away and the 007 Hussars got there first ever victorious combat in 5 games!!!

End game.  There appears to be only Prussian's on the table...

Black Powder is errrrr interesting...  I don't think I'll be using them again.
The maths is easy but finding rules through the 7000 page rulebook is like searching for that random sprue piece that's popped off your craft knife and pinged across the painting desk into the abyss.

Big thanks to GM for a great day.  And Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Lovely looking figures and table Purple
    Its always inspiring to look at your SYW stuff

  2. Spectacular pictures, wonderful figures (love these impresive grenadiers!) and scenery...