Monday, 26 March 2018

F7 Frei-Infanterie von Wunsch

The Infantry of Von Wunsch.  Most of these men it seems were made up of captured Austrians so I can imagine they were about as effective as they have been on the tabletop battlefields I've fought them on... (5 Major battles... 4 rout's with no effect to the enemy... Including one on the opening turn to artillery fire...)

Obviously I've taken a liberty with the flag which were never carried by the Frei and the waist belts should have been white.  I can't remember the reasoning behind the incompetence in painting 30 belts the wrong colour but I'll take any excuse that is offered to me!

These have seen before but I'm re -presenting all the content lost by Photobucket.
I've got a painting table full of all manner of officers to add vignettes to the regiments.  Lots of Spontoon wielding menace to keep the troops in order - but should get some more photos re-uploaded in the coming weeks. 

Jager von Wunsch

A Jager detachment from the Frei-Infantrie of Von Wunsch emerge from the undergrowth.
These wore this much lighter Olive Green.  My reading recalls that they were quite effective against the Austrian counterparts in minor skirmishes in 1758.
These are the only Light troops I currently own but then I'm a Prussian General and such gauche things like light troops are entirely for heathens!